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What Baldwin’s Body Language Revealed During The ABC Interview

Who’s Who in Bollywood – Actors

Despite the fact that Bollywood exceeds Hollywood in film output, Bollywood has a much smaller star system, which means Indian actors appear in far more films than their American counterparts-some doing as many as five movies a year. Luckily, that makes it easier for new fans to figure out who’s who. The following, while by no means comprehensive, is a rundown of the biggest and brightest male stars in the Bollywood universe.

Magic Movies

It seems everywhere you look there are movies with magic ranging form kids to adults. Magic movies about sorcery and witchcraft can be found just about anywhere. Two of the biggest series out right now are the Twilight series which is set to break records left and right.

Move Over Longoria, Mendes is Back!

The breath-taking Eva Mendes has come a long way since her days of “Stuck on You” opposite Matt Damon and had impressively attained the status of a Hollywood superstar. Often the focus of the paparazzi long and intruding SLR lenses, this mamacita once had aspired to become a nun and Hollywood was far from her wish list.

Hee Haw Ain’t Just For Hillbillies

Take a trip down the hallmark classics and get prepared for a lovely revelation in the hilarious package of American 70’s hit show, Hee Haw. Started as a fun country-music show, this program was heavily based on comedy sketches. Making an entrance as the untested last minute substitute for CBS’ The Smothers Brother Comedy Hour, this amusing show caught on for a good run of 22 years, entertaining a large American fan base.

Princess Video – 3 Reasons Why Tinkerbell is the Best Movie For Children

In this article we will discuss 3 reasons why Tinkerbell is the best movie for children. In this Disney princess video, Tinkerbell takes on the lead character and gives a memorable performance that is not only amusing, but offers an important message to its audience, young or old.

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