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Top 10 Upcoming Netflix Video Game Series

Boob Tube and Big Screen Geniuses – More Pop Culture Philosophers

Eschewing the stereotype that a philosopher has to be a boring old man who prattles about metaphysics and cosmology are the pop culture philosophers of our time! They may be better at cracking rude jokes, toppling buildings or catching flies with chopsticks than writing a treatise on human nature.

Love is a Fairy Tale – The Most Popular Hollywood Divorces Ever

True love is something that many people consider elusive. Because of this unavoidable fact, many people search their lives for the partner they will eventually come to marry and spend the rest of their lives with. But alas in real life, even something as pure and beautiful as true love rarely lasts a lifetime. Many things can rock a marriage such as infidelity, financial problems, incompatibility and purely getting sick of one another.

American Monsters

Like everyone on Earth, you’ve been once or twice to your video-club renting one of these American films whose synospsis takes up two lines (a monster attacks the Big Apple and US forces fight him back) and whose budget represents half of Burundi’s gross domestic product. Nevermind the cinematic considerations, and nevermind the fact that by watching Cloverfield or Godzilla on that night, you missed an golden opportunity to pay a last-chance visit to your dying grandmother.

James Bond Actors – Alpha Males of the Big Screen

James Bond is machismo personified. After decades of spying, he still hasn’t been out of the top fictional characters that hit the big screen.

Bond Must Die, Spy Surveillance Gadgets Bond Villains Need to Get

So the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace has only been out a couple of days and already the villain is receiving his fair amount of slack. He’s not the only one that’s lacking in common sense, here are three other Bond villains that could have done with a couple of spy surveillance gadgets and a healthy dose of common sense.

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