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Top 10 Reasons Why Google Stadia Failed

What Makes a Great TV Talk Show Host?

Do you want to be a talk show host? People often express the desire to stand before a television audience, tell a few jokes, interview a couple of guest, and in general fool around for an hour. I ask you this: Would folks want to pat your bald head?

MASH (Season 8) DVD Review

Based on a Richard Hooker novel of the same name, MASH was released in 1970 as a full-length feature film by 20th Century Fox before experiencing widespread success as a groundbreaking television sitcom in the Fall of 1972…


Winner of eleven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Ben-Hur is widely considered one of the greatest films of all-time…

Hollywood Movie Stars Support Eco-Terrorism

Some have said that Hollywood Movie Stars are supporting Eco-Terrorists by donating to certain environmental groups. In fact some say that these movie stars may actually know where the money will eventually end up but donate anyway, as it shows their Hollywood support of the liberal viewpoint

The West Wing (Season 3) DVD Review

Premiering in September 1999, the original NBC series The West Wing built an instant cult following with its seemingly realistic weekly excursions into the inner sanctums of the White House.

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