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Top 10 Dumbest Decisions in Harry Potter

How Do I Choose the Best Online Movie Rental Company?

The online movie rental industry has been around for a few years now. They are becoming very popular, and services are beginning to aggressively compete with each other. So how can you decide which company is the best one to subscribe to?

Top Ten Best Performances by an Actor Or Actress in a Leading Role

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “Wow!! What a great performance!” Well, your not alone. Hundreds of actors and actresses have said thousands of lines in their lifetime, hoping that their performances will resonate with the audience. These are the ten actors and actresses that have accomplished their dreams: Kevin Spacey, Gloria Swanson, Meryl Streep…just to name a few.

Top Five Romantic Movies of the ’90s

As these movies have love stories that successfully touched the minds and the hearts of movie followers, they have written their own history by becoming the top five romantic movies of the 1990s. What are the top romantic films that invade the hearts of millions of movie watchers? Read on.

How to Gain Reality Fame

When going on an audition for reality television many people forget not to over act and simply just “be real.” Casting directors are not looking for actors to fulfill reality television spots. They are looking for real people with real life personalities, experiences and honest traits to bring to the table and add to the mix. So when you go on an audition for a reality show remember to be yourself and do not portray a fictitious character composed for the camera alone.

How to Host Your Own Outdoor Movies Night Under the Stars For Your Community

Outdoor movie nights under the stars are the perfect way to unite a community and provide a unique opportunity for fundraising in your local area. The past 5 years has seen a dramatic increase in small community groups and even individuals organizing outdoor film nights. With an increased number of event companies catering for community needs this is no surprise. Today, it is easier then ever to put on a spectacle that will be remembered for years to come.

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