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The Lesser Acclaimed Film Directors of Bengali Cinema

Bengali cinema has seen many bright directors since its inception. The great Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen and Tapan Sinha are a few who established themselves globally as great directors. However, besides these top few names, there are also some directors who gained fame by presenting some valued films, although they were branded as commercial film makers.

Betty Boop – Queen of the Animated Screen

It is often said that in movies and television, sex sells. But never is this claim more true when tracing the history of Western animation which is supposedly for children. Let’s turn back the clock a bit and do a retrospective on the Queen of the Animated Screen: Betty Boop.

In Transformers 2 – What Does Revenge of the Fallen Mean?

The movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a sequel to Transformers 2007. In this part, we see various new characters along with the existing characters. The Fallen is a new character that has been introduced in Transformers 2, with a history of previous existence.

Does TV Melt Your Mind?

Many neuroscience studies have been done on the effect of television on the human brain. It seems that the visual stimulation is like a drug, as it picks up the viewer’s brain activity and then once it reaches a peak, it stops and slowly goes back down. Almost the same as energy bars, caffeine or even sugar.

Torchwood Review

This is a spin off from Doctor Who. Jack was killed off, resuscitated and abandoned sometime in the future but inexplicably we now find him safely back in the present leading ‘Torchwood’ an organisation which investigates and deals with inexplicable phenomena (like X-Files). John Barrowman, whose guest appearances on Doctor Who added a fun and humorous element to the show, seems to only be able to truly shine while in the presence of a Doctor.

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