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The Bones Scene That Really Went Way Too Far

10 Movies To Recommend To Your Teens From Before They Were Born

There are so many movies that I’ve enjoyed that I think today’s teenagers would also enjoy. I think it is a great idea for parents to recommend these to their teens. Whether you watch the movies together or discuss them after, a great bonding experience can be had.

Bollywood Is Biggest Employment Generating Industry

The era of Hindi movies has seen many significant changes. The first Hindi movie “Raja Harishchandra” was without sound and the first Bollywood movie “Alam Ara” was with sound that did exceptional business and paved the way for many more to come.

Action Movies – Thrill And Adventure Unlimited

The amazing action movies are full of wonderful combating scenes with series of thrilling fights and dreadful explosions which totally enthrall the viewers. Everybody loves watching them with great enthusiasm.

Downloading an Episode of a TV Show – Make Your Money Worth

By downloading an episode of a TV show, all you need is a decent computer with high speed internet access. There are a number of websites where you can download television shows, every title of TV shows, movies or music videos you want for around $29 a year access subs…

2nd Golden Age of Animation

Billions of dollars are now being generated by all manner of kids’ products thanks to the Second Golden Age of Animation and computerization. When was the First Golden Age of Animation? This was a period in American animation history beginning in 1928 that began with the introduction of sound cartoons.

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