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Terrible TV Shows That Should Never Be Rebooted

The End is Near For Analog Television

Television is to be broadcast %100 digitally by February 2009. This change brings the end of analog television that has delivered our shows since television was born.

Oprah Creates a Television Network

Oprah is one of the richest people in entertainment and her reach extends to radio, TV, magazines, and more. She is about to add an exclamation point to the television reach with her new television network done in partnership with the Discovery Channel. The question is, can we get too much of the Queen of TV?

Television Production – Lesson 21 – The Perfect Television Producer

Where is the perfect producer and what are the traits of the perfect producer? By reading this article about the perfect producer, you will learn what is required and what is optional. Are you ready to read the hard, cold facts about the perfect community producer?

It’s All Clean or Is It?

It quacks, waddles, has feathers and hangs out in the water. It might be a duck but it will never be a walrus. Be aware of what you are watching and be aware of what happens in the next ten minutes of that community access television show. Be aware of whom you are and what your standards are. Remember to never compromise your standards or your values just because you need to help on some shows during the year. This article talks about soft pornography and pornography in respect to community access television shows, and volunteering for these shows.

Gossip Girl- Episode 13 “A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate”

Episode 13 is called “A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate”– a thin blue line, that is… like the kind you hope not to see on a teenage pregnancy test. And this particular pregnancy test causes scandal after scandal.

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