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Spider-Man: No Way Home – TV Spot “Other Worlds” (New Trailer 2021)

A Little Princess – 1995 Film

A movie adaptation of 1904 novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Directed by Alfonso Cuaron and the lead characters were portrayed by Liesel Mathhews as Sara Crewe and Liam Cunningham as Captain Crewe, Sara’s father. The story of a young girl who despite of all her sufferings and hardships in life, still manged to keep her spirits up and never lose hope.

What I Like About My DVR

I would like to tell you how my TV Viewing and home entertainment has changed since I had a DVR installed. I never miss my favorite shows…

Saved by the Bell – Best 1990s Teen Show

There were many great TV shows and sitcoms from the 1990s involving teenagers. There was Fred Savage on the Wonder Years, as we relived his 1960s and 1970s childhood. There was Boy Meets World, as we relived Ben Savage’s modern day teen years.

3 Great Cable TV Comedies

There are a number of entertaining TV shows on cable these days, and many viewers are tuning into their cable channels like HBO and Showtime in favor of traditional networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox. The quality of cable TV comedy shows has risen in recent years, and it seems that this trend should continue for quite some time. These shows have been able to attract top notch actors and great writers.

Lindsay Lohan Repeats Marilyn Monroe Legendary 1962 Legendary Photoshoot

Marilyn Monroe Legendary 1962 Lindsay Lohan photo shoot was a tribute to the legendary actress. The photos of Marilyn Monroe were shot in the year 1962 and Bert Stern the photographer clicked a lot of pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

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