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Space Force Season 2 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Grey’s Anatomy – The Rise of a Franchise

When the Grey’s Anatomy Cast: Entertainers of the Year issue of entertainment weekly came out a lot of casual viewers were mildly bemused. How could Grey’s Anatomy have captured such an esteemed honor barely into its second season?

Too Long a Pursuit – Pursuit of Happiness Review

Movie Review of Pursuit of Happiness

Heather Mills McCarthy – At What Price For Dancing With The Stars?

At the age of 12, I envisioned myself growing up to be long-legged, gorgeous, and rich – never happened.

Dr. Phil Show – TV’s Problem Solver

As you surf the television stations during the daytime, you may encounter an assortment of reality TV, as well as talk shows. One of the more popular installments to the entertainment lineup in the afternoon is called the Dr. Phil Show

The Close Combat of Star Trek

Folklore has evolved significantly, as America’s legendary heroes have been frontier trappers, cowboys, policemen, soldiers, masked men, caped superheroes and science fiction men-of-action such as Buck Rodgers, Flash Gordon, Han Solo, and of course…Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. Replacing Indians (the Native American kind), “commies”, and Nazis with Aliens as the bad-guys, and foreign lands as undiscovered planets, from September 8, 1966 – September 2, 1969, Bill Shatner kicked extraterrestrial ass for 79 episodes using World War II Judo and Jujutsu.

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