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The Elephant Man

This film is an epic story but one which is rather sad at times. It should make you cry – or at least hold back the tears. The Elephant Man is a classic figure in film history being a freak human with gross disfigurements. His deformities mean that he is part of a traveling freak show and this is how he makes his living.

Friends 1994 – 2003

Perhaps in every living room in America and beyond, Friends is well known for a timeless quality and air of freedom, cameraderie and acceptance. The only reason the episodes have become dated is simply because the have been going for so long. Typecasting is difficult to avoid.

American Idol’s Notorious Judge Supports PETA

PETA, an International non-profit group that promotes animal protection and contests animal abuse, has found its new endorser in the form of American Idol judge Simon Cowell. The infamous judge will be promoting a public service awareness campaign

Heather Mills Not Nervous About Dancing With the Stars

Despite numerous controversies surrounding her inclusion on the celebrity dance show Dancing with the Stars, Heather Mills remains to be calm and collected, dispelling all rumors about her dropout on the popular dance competition.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has proven an unlikely success. While medical dramas are one of TV’s best bets in the formula department, Grey’s Anatomy seemed from the beginning a pale and banal iteration of the formula.

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