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The Five Greatest Kevin Costner Films

Kevin Costner was one of those actors who had a likability that couldn’t miss. For most of the 1990s, he was the face of outrage (in JFK) and clowning around (Bull Durham), but he was always the face we wanted in a leading man. Here are the five best Kevin Costner movies of all time now playing on satellite TV.

So Just What Are Screen Graphics?

What we call screen graphics is also called a myriad of different names. Interactive motion graphics, 24 frame playback, computer effects, computer playback and a bunch more of them. But I still get the question regularly of what EXACTLY is it.

Amazing Sound Recordings in Movies

Sound recordings in movies as know today did not exist before 1927. The development of digital technology as created sound recording for the enjoyment of movie goers. Before 1927 the pit orchestra provided sound for movies. When the transition took place, many critics predicted its failure. Today, it’s a phenomenal success and is well received by movie goers, producers, directors, entertainers, and the like.

Does Anyone Miss Old Horror Movies?

Is there anyone else out there getting bored of all this modern horror and misses a good old classic film? The more we watch them, the more we start to figure out where the scares are going to be.

The Top 5 Dustin Hoffman Films

Though Dustin Hoffman’s comedy work is fresh in the mind of many viewers, his career has many more sides than the characters we’ve seen in I Heart Huckabees and Meet the Fockers. His entry upon the scene in the late 1960s introduced an immensely talented, energetic young actor who wasn’t afraid to be the butt of a movie’s joke. His top five films of all time are now playing on satellite TV.

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