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How to Make Your Film Stand Out With Sound and Music – Part 1

As a filmmaker, you know there are several ways to manipulate your audience with camera angles, lighting, editing, etc. In the audio world, you have a great arsenal of tricks too. There are basically 2 kinds of audio in any motion picture.

DVD and Game Rental Services – A Time and Money Saving Alternative

If you are a movie buff or avid video game player, you can enjoy your hobby while saving time and cutting costs as well. How can this be? Online DVD and game rental services provide a cost effective and time saving alternative to pricey local rental stores. Read on to learn how to find a rental service that meets your needs.

Fox Network Television History

The Fox Network television history has not all been plain sailing. It was launched in October 1986 after the parent company of 20th Century Fox, TCF Holdings, sold 50% of its shares to News Corporation for $250 million in 1985.

Why You Should Consider an Internet DVD Rental Service

Online movie rental is a simple concept with some far-reaching implications. When you subscribe to an internet DVD rental service, you have access to a large library of DVD rentals that are shipped right to your door. Although the number of DVD’s you can have out at a single time may vary, you are entitled to unlimited rentals and there are no late fees. For consumers, this is a cost effective and affordable way to enjoy movies without breaking the bank.

Faded and Humiliated – Washed Up Celebrities of Yesteryears

Celebrity status can be one of the greatest gifts ever. You have the fame, the fortune and all the success you could ever crave for. But when you start to grow a little order, the fans get a little sick of your antics and you discover that you just don’t have the staying power for Hollywood, you get a little, well, washed up. And this mini-list is a tribute to those celebrities who have made it, but with the help of some screw-ups, bad attitudes, bad luck and worse acting, have fallen back to earth again.

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