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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Villains Ranked Worst To Best

Bunk Moreland – HBO’s The Wire

A bright detective who knows how the game works and understands the chain of command in the BPD. Bunk is Jimmy McNulty’s partner, but he doesn’t have McNulty’s same disdain for authority (or at least he does not act upon it). Over the course of the series Bunk manages to do some of the best police work of almost any homicide detective in Baltimore’s Police Department.

Hollywoods’s Long Standing Love Affair With Paris – Part II: Casablanca With Humphrey Bogart

Four years are not a long time in history but can be long enough to change the way people look at things. Let’s see how America viewed the world in 1943. “Casablanca” introduces Paris with an establishing shot of the Arc de Triomphe and follows this up with a back projection of Bogart and Bergman driving down the Champs Elysees, the Arc in the back.

Hollywoods’s Long Standing Love Affair With Paris – Part I: Ninotchka With Greta Garbo

At some point in time, Hollywood fell in love with Paris. “Why Paris?”, a bemused outsider might wonder. Why not Venice or Rome? Why not London? But love falls where it falls and Paris it was – and has been ever since.

What to Know Before You Purchase a High Definition Television

Almost all of the televisions on the market today offer a high definition (HD) signal. Owning a high definition television (HDTV) is a little different than owning a normal analog television.

Mad Men, And Women With Reason To Be

Like many people, I count AMC’s “Mad Men” among my favorite television shows. Unlike many of the show’s critics, I do not find it to be sexist.

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