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10 Things That Happen In Movies That Piss You Off

“The Producers” Sets Out to Prove That You Can Make More Money Failing Than Succeeding

The Producers is a Broadway musical featuring a washed up producer and creative accountant who set out to prove that you can make more money by failing than succeeding. The Producers is a remake of the original Producers written and directed by the same Mel Brooks 37 years earlier. Brooks is an incredible talent. He adapted The Producers as a stage musical in 2001 featuring (who else?) Nathan Lane as Max and Matthew Broderick as Leo, and it proceeded to win a record-breaking 12 Tony Awards.

25 Years of Fantasy Swords in the Movies – A Retrospective

Twenty-five years ago the movie Conan spotlighted the Atlantean sword. They designed and created a unique sword just for the movie and this started a new trend in fantasy movie making, and today, just about every fantasy movie is released with a collectible sword. Here is a look at some of these great movies and the swords in them.

Tivo vs Apple TV – What’s the Big Difference?

Two of the newest and most popular innovations in the television viewing world are Tivo and Apple TV. Tivo is the oldest of these two innovations, and is incredibly popular. Many people these days either have a Tivo, or a digital video recorder box of a different brand name. The features of Tivo are convenient and easy to use. You can pause live TV so you won’t miss a thing. You can schedule recordings and even record more than one program at once. Your recorded programs are digitally stored without the need for any tapes or disks. You can access and manage your recorded items with the touch of a button.

Apple TV Hacks – How to Get More Out of Your Apple TV Console

Apple TV received a lot of fanfare upon its release, but also a few complaints. Some users have said that the Apple TV has limited capabilities. Others say the storage amount is too small and there should be more video formats supported. Another commonly heard complaint is the lack of advanced features. But are these complaints really valid? Some users say no. Because of the frustration of these issues, some technologically and mechanically inclined users began taking their Apple TVs apart. What they found is that the hardware inside can be hacked and upgraded rather easily.

American Idol – Sanjaya Conspiracy?

Sanjaya Malakar was recently voted off American Idol. Was it truly the fan’s votes or did the producers decide to they had enough?

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