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10 Movies Ruined In The Final Shot

Gossip Girl Episode 18 Recap – “Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing” Season Finale

Much I Do About nothing is the perfect example of a season finale, tying up loose strings while creating new ones at the same time. Relationships that seemed stable are crumbling all over the place, and relationships that seemed to be over are flourishing. All the actions takes place around the wedding of Lily and Bert, except for the part where Lily wakes up in Rufus’ bed.

Gossip Girl Episode 15 Recap – “Desperately Seeking Serena”

Not one to let things get at all boring, Gossip Girl brings bad girl Georgina into the mix to ruffle everyone’s feathers. Last episode saw Blair and Chuck alarmed by Georgina’s contact with them, and sure enough she makes an entrance on this episode, Desperately Seeking Serena, and deep into the lives of the characters. SAT prep and more Blair schemes play out around the Georgina and Serena reunion.

Gossip Girl Episode 17 Recap – “Woman on the Verge”

Woman On the Verge brings a whole new dose of drama, but it also shows us a different side of the characters we have come to know. After Serena shares her secret with Blair, the entire group of friends rallies around her and is genuinely concerned about her best interests. Old and new relationships are tested and brought into the light and in the end some things end up being forgiven, but new faults are created.

Exclusive October Road Show Interviews With Master Roshi, Bulma, and Goku!

We have translated another portion of the October Issue of Roadshow. We get interviews from Chow Yun Fat, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, and more. We also get a more detailed plot summary with possible spoilers.

Spy Movies For a New America

In Traitor, Don Cheadle plays Samir Horn, who through the course of much of the film remains an unknown quantity. He is an American ex-Special Forces soldier, a Muslim who seems sympathetic to terrorists, a weapons trader with no real ideology or country of allegiance, and he may or may not be a CIA operative gone bad.

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