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10 Movie Franchises Ruined By One Dumb Decision

How to Get the Best DVDs and BlueRay Discs Every Day For Free

Companies have started to compete for your entertainment dollars by offering free trials of unlimited movie rentals. You pay nothing while you check out up to 3 movies per day, in the highest quality home theater format, on DVD or BlueRay discs.

An Analysis – Story Idea of the Gladiator

The old movie “Gladiator” portrayed by Russel Crowe gives a vision of freedom. “The idea is greatness. It is a vision,” says the lead character in the movie “Gladiator.”

Financing Your Indie Film

Probably the hardest part of filmmaking is getting the funds together to make the film. In the “old” days you could create a mock up poster and show an investor and their checkbooks would come out.

Patch Adams – A Difference Maker

Patch Adams is an extremely inspirational movie. It is about a man named Hunter “Patch” Adams, who saw an opportunity where others did not. And most importantly, he took action without any fear of repercussions. Patch Adams used humor to connect with other people, and to help sick patients heal better and faster. His methods were extremely controversial, yet they always seemed to work. This movie is about a man with a vision; who, despite many obstacles, stayed on his original path of intent, and began a small revolution in the medical industry. Patch Adams is the owner of Gesundheit Institute, an organization which focuses on improving others lives, and changing the health care model.

Doctor Who – The Sexiest Sidekick

Doctor Who, in his various generations, has been fortunate to travel with some very foxy companions. No denying it. Can you imagine Doctor Who without a companion? It’d be a little boring don’t you think? In the old series, I often wished a little romance would blossom, but the writers kept the relationship strictly one of friendship. There was always a warmth between the Doctor and his female companions but never any romance. The 6th Doctor played by Colin Baker went further and showed a superior and condescending Doctor often cursing himself for having anything to do with humanity. About as far from romance as you can get! A lasting romance between our hero and his companions was taboo. The new series of Doctor Who shows that when it comes to emotions, Gallifreyans are not that different to us. Things have heated up a bit on the romance front and it is nice to see.

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