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History of Bollywood

The Indian film industry has a huge fan base not only at home but also abroad, especially in countries which have a significant Indian population. The term Bollywood is a term coined for the Hindi-language film industry set in Bombay, India. Bollywood is often incorrectly referred to the whole of Indian Cinema. It is in fact just a part of the film industry. Read this article and find out the history of Bollywood.

Character, Depth and Emotion in Smallville

Throughout the history of television, Superman has long since proven to be a repeatedly successful franchise. In the 1990’s, when LOIS AND CLARK debuted on network television, many critics assumed it would be short lived. The critics erred as this program turned out to be very successful both in viewers and quality

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

Without a doubt, Johnny Depp has had a very unique and storied career. Part of the reason for this is he has made a career out of playing odd and offbeat characters. While many actors opt to play it safe, Johnny Depp took many chances with his selection of acting roles

King of the Quickies – Roger Corman

Today sees the UK release of Death Race, a high octane thriller starring Jason Statham with an approximate budget of $18 million. This may seem a little paltry compared to some blockbusters of late, but it’s a veritable fortune when you consider that the 1975 film on which it’s based, Death Race 2000, was made for a mere $300,000. Anyone who has seen any of the publicity for the remake may well be aware of the man that links both versions – producer Roger Corman.

A Must For the Serious Screenwriter

Final Draft is a word processor that is designed for writing movies, television dramas and stage plays. It is both a word processor and a screenplay formatting tool. This combination allows for the writer to concentrate on what is being written rather than having to worry about how it appears on the page. In other words, it actually helps writers to flow with their creativity without having to stop and focus on organizing their thoughts in the proper format.

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